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  • Exclusive Quattro protein blend
  • Low glycemic carb blend
  • XTREME Muscle & Strength Stack
  • With digestive enzymes and probiotics

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What is One Stop Xtreme All in One?

One Stop Xtreme has been formulated to replace the use of many supplements, allowing bodybuilders to simply take a shake and know that their nutritional needs are covered, alongside a healthy, balanced diet.

We use hormone- and antibiotic-free whey protein made from the milk of grass-fed cows. Milk from grass-fed cows is richer in omega-3 fatty acids and contains up to five times more CLA. One Stop Xtreme also contains friendly bacteria.


Who is it for ? 

Bodybuilders looking for a supplement that provides a proven source of protein and nutrients in one high-performance product. It is also suitable for vegetarians.


Why choose Reflex Nutrition food supplements?

Reflex Nutrition  is an English brand that has been manufacturing quality supplements since 1996, several times acclaimed for the quality of its milk proteins (Instant Whey, Micro Whey, Natural Whey, etc.).

Reflex Nutrition  continues   to develop  food supplements for sports with vegan  products  , gainers with very little sugar, something for athletes who want top performance.

Sports nutrition  is  more than ever represented by  Reflex Nutrition  with a wide range: whey protein, gainer, glutamine, omega 3, creatine allow you to achieve your goals.

  • Exclusive Quattro Protein Blend –  contains 4 high quality proteins (ultra filtered whey protein concentrate, native whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrolyzate and milk protein concentrate). This blend not only triggers protein synthesis – it also keeps it going for hours, maximizing muscle gains. Each serving offers 55g of protein – far more than the dose found in traditional mass gainer supplements!
  • Low glycemic carb blend  – fuels muscle growth with minimal fat gain. Includes organic oats and barley flour as well as trehalose which serves as a long-lasting energy source during your workouts, and protects your muscles from catabolism
  1. XTREME Muscle & Strength Stack  – contains peptide-related Beta-Alanine and Glutamine. You will get a bonus 5000 mg of the purest creatine monohydrate available – Creapure, for improved endurance and muscle vascularity
  2.  To ensure maximum absorption of all these components, One Stop Xtreme provides your body with a blend  of digestive enzymes and probiotics  for optimal digestion and nutrient utilization.
  3. Your body is kept in exceptional shape thanks to a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals included in the One Stop Xtreme formula.

Don’t settle for anything less than Reflex One Stop Xtreme. A Hardcore supplement for huge muscle gains


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