Centrum Silver Women 50+ Multivitamin, 275 Tablets

Cardiovascular health: B vitamins to support heart health+*
Brain function: Zinc and B vitamins contribute to normal brain function*.
Eye health: Vitamins A, C and E, and lutein to contribute to eye health‡*
Bone health: The combination of vitamin D and calcium contributes to bone strength*.

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Get key nutrients for healthy aging with Centrum Silver Women. Over time, women’s nutritional needs may change, which may require an adjustment to your diet. Centrum Silver Women is a multivitamin supplement specially designed to provide essential vitamins and minerals for women aged 50 and over. One tablet per day meets your body’s needs for healthy aging*.

  • Centrum Silver is the #1 doctor-recommended brand of multivitamin and is now shown to support memory and cognition in older adults*.
  • Centrum Silver has been clinically proven to support cognitive health in older adults after being selected for the large-scale COSMOS-Mind clinical trial .*
  • Special age-appropriate formula helps support normal heart health and brain function° , maintain eye health‡ and support bone strength in women 50 and older .*
  • Made with calcium and vitamin D— essential nutrients to maintain bone density and limit the risk of osteoporosis as women age.
  • Comes in the form of a smooth-coated tablet.
  • Verified non-GMO and gluten-free .~


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