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AllMax Nutrition Beta-Alanine, 400g

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An AllMax Nutrition product

Train harder, lift heavier and go longer with Beta-Synth!
  • 100% pure pharmaceutical grade beta-alanine
  • 33 servings per container
  • Flavorless formula mixes with your favorite beverage
  • 3.2 g of beta-alanine per serving

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Want to train harder, run longer, lift heavier and kick harder? Who doesn’t? With beta-alanine, you can finally achieve the workout intensity you’ve been wishing you could accomplish. Backed by research, beta-alanine is the essential supplement you need to get your hands on. As an anabolic fuel, beta-alanine provides the stimulus to increase anaerobic and aerobic endurance and delays muscle fatigue, allowing you to power through every workout by providing the fuel to accelerate to peak training power.*

  • Increase strength*
  • Boost your muscular endurance*
  • Train with greater intensity*
  • Boost Intra-Muscular Carnosine*
  • 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade*
Delay muscle fatigue with Beta-Alanine

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that has been shown in research to increase muscle carnosine concentrations. Carnosine is contained in slow and fast twitch muscle fibers and is responsible for regulating pH levels in your body. By promoting high concentrations of intramuscular carnosine, beta-alanine acts as a precursor to nitric oxide (NO) production and works to reduce intramuscular acidification created by intense exercise and training. In simple terms, this means that beta-alanine helps buffer the pH levels in your muscles, preventing the acidity that occurs during exercise. A decrease in pH balance or an increase in muscle acidity leads to that muscle burn you’ll feel, which often prevents gains. Beta-alanine provides the stimulus to get through this.*

Fuel your workouts

ALLMAX has acquired the purest pharmaceutical grade source of beta-alanine called Beta-SYNTH™. An 11-step process is used to produce this white crystalline substance. Beta-SYNTH™ then goes through a hyper-micronization process that gives you a fine, high-absorption form of beta-alanine exclusive to ALLMAX. Beta-SYNTH™ has been laboratory tested for 100% absolute pharmaceutical grade purity; and you will feel the difference!*


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