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Phd Smart Bar Protein Salted Fudge Brownie 64gr (12 PACK)

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  • Protein bar with caramel flavor with a layer of caramel and crunchy pieces of cocoa and soy, coated in milk chocolate couverture, with sweeteners.
  • Perfect macros, 20g of protein per bar and less than 2g of sugar.
  • Does not contain palm oil or FOS

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20g protein / <2.2g sugar / 23g carbs
260 calories per serving
Convenient on-the-go protein snack

What is Smart Protein Bar?

Smart Bar™ is a delicious snack high in protein and low in sugar. The bar contains a super chewy protein center, coated in gooey caramel and protein crunchies, which truly delivers that satisfying crunchy texture when you take a bite. As if that wasn’t enough, the smooth chocolate coating truly replicates the taste of a real candy bar while keeping your macros intact. Smart Bar™ provides 20g of quality protein and less than 2.1g of sugar (depending on flavor). Additionally, Smart Bar™ does not contain palm oil.

The advantages of Phd Smart Bar

In addition to having an unrivaled taste and texture, Smart Bar is very practical while being macro-friendly. You can enjoy this on-the-go snack anywhere and anytime!

Who is Smart Bar suitable for?

Smart Phd is suitable for men and women looking for a convenient, high protein, low sugar snack while on the go. Smart Bar is perfect for those who crave sweets, but still want to live a healthier lifestyle.


Smart Bar can be used whenever you want! Thanks to its great practicality, you can take it anywhere, whether during a walk, after a workout or on vacation. Smart Bar™ has also been used, on occasion, as a topping for homemade recipes such as pancakes, overnight oats, etc.


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