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  • Ultra complete gainer
  • 52 g of protein per serving
  • Gain up to 3.7kg of muscle in 10 days!

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MUTANT MASS 2.27KG contains 56g of pure protein, 192g of clean carbohydrates, 12g of fat in each serving. Boasting 26.1g of EAA and 12.2g of BCAA (naturally occurring) and essential fatty acids (age) and natural oils from whole food sources, this clean gainer built muscle in over 100 countries for over 20 years! When added to your diet and workout plan, nothing packs mass like mutant mass.

Product Benefits

  • 56 g of protein
  • To help you gain real muscle mass
  • A high level mix
  • Proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats
  • Premium Ingredients
  • For maximum results
  • Added enzymes
  • To provide a higher payload of nutrients
  • Real Foods
  • Including oats, sweet potato and avocado.

Key Ingredients

MUTANT MASS 2.27KG is made with natural whole foods like barley, sweet potato, oatmeal, avocado, coconut oil, flax and pumpkin seeds. A premium blend of proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats plus added enzymes to provide a higher payload of nutrients.

Supports your goals

  • 56 grams of quality protein
  • 192 g of carbohydrates

Over 1100 calories per serving! One thing is certain, to become massive, you will have to move the scales. This is where mutant mass comes in. If you’re going to fight, you’ll need the best weapons. Heavy weights, good quality food and the best weight gain formula on the planet. With 56g of protein and 1,100 calories of high-quality nutrients, you’ll have the gainer you need to swing the scales.

Good to know

The secret to Mutant Mass’s successful results lies in the range of quality nutrients from foods like sweet potato and oatmeal. Adapt fat sources, including MCTs and avocado. And of course, top-notch complete protein sources. It is from this improved range of food-based ingredients that the new generation of mutant mass draws its immense power.

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