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  • The world’s best-selling protein powder.
  • 80% pure protein
  • Contributes to the maintenance and increase of muscle mass.
  • 24 g of the best whey protein, (5.5 g of AACR Blend),
  • Low in fat and sugars.

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Faced with the success of Whey Gold Standard which remains to this day the best whey in the world, the Optimum Nutrition brand had no other choice than to offer a non-flavored version in order to allow fans to prepare smoothies or even cook dietary pastries with this protein. It can also enrich your other food supplements such as gainers with protein.

Characteristics of non-flavored Whey Gold Standard

  • 24g of protein per dose or approximately 82% protein
  • 5.5g of naturally present BCAAs
  • Only 0.9g of carbohydrates including 0.7g of sugars

How to use Whey Gold Standard Natural?

Consume 1 dose according to your needs by mixing with your smoothies, your diet recipes or other flavored food supplements.

Does not replace a balanced and varied diet. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Gold Standard 100% Whey is a fast-digesting protein source, so it is best taken on an empty stomach in the morning and/or within 30 minutes before or after a workout.

Simply mix a rounded scoop with 180-240 ml of water in an ON shaker. Suitable for vegetarians.


د.م. 550

Disponibilité : 4 en stock

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